The Top Ten Best VPN Services of 2019

best vpn services

GoldenFrog Vypr VPN – Frequently questions & details about this provider

VyprVPN from Golden Frog is registered in Switzerland, although its physical presence is indeed in the hostile environment of the United States (with the data retention legislation applicable there).

There are 700 servers offering 200,000 IPs to the users, but the best thing about VyprVPN is the plethora of special features available for them to benefit from. For instance, there is the feature of Dump Truck that allows users to store safely online up to 50 GB files at no extra charge. Chameleon is also offered, while the addition of NAT Firewall is another great plus. PPTP, L2TP / IPsec, and 256-bit OpenVPN security protocol types are supported, meeting the needs of everyone.

There is no Bitcoin as an accepted payment method, which is, in fact, the most anonymous option and jeopardizes no information breach or leaks on behalf of the users. PayPal is accepted, though.

Support types are abundant and qualitative, including live chat. The impressive and abundant special features are beneficial and add to the overall user experience; however, there are substantial security concerns deriving from the location in the United States and from the fact that there are logs kept for a whole month.

PrivateInternetAccess – Frequently questions & details about this provider

Even though Private Internet Access VPN is located in the United States, they struggle to offer a reliable VPN solution to everyone. PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec security protocol types are supported, alongside SOCKS5 proxy and multiple VPN gateways. There is great attention drawn to premium quality encryption, as much as the optimal user experience.

Up to five different devices can be used simultaneously, while the kill switch feature makes protection even more thorough. $39.95 is the cost for a whole year, which is indisputably really affordable. No free trial is given to the potential VPN customers, though, and the full money refund guarantee only lasts for a week.

Support for VoIP and P2P are always welcome, as much as the detailed setup guides for each and every single device and OS. Payment options are quite versatile, including credit cards, PayPal, and the anonymous Bitcoin.

The support types are versatile, with live chat and a helpful knowledgebase. There might be slight delays, though, till you get what you want and some personal information is required prior to contacting the VPN representatives. Last but not least, we strongly suggest that they improve the interface of their website for avoiding potential confusion.

Pure VPN – Frequently questions & details about this provider

PureVPN is a VPN company located in Hong Kong, which means that there are no issues with privacy and anonymity similar to those in the United States. Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, as well as the use of up to five different devices at a time, can make the most out of user experience.

Among the impressive list of features, there is the Internet Kill Switch and the Split-Tunneling. 80,000 IP addresses are spread over 101 countries and 450 servers, which provides great diversity. At the same time, you can get quality add-ons like SmartDNS, NAT firewall, stealth VPN, and the use of dedicated IPs.

The 2 years plan of PureVPN is offered at $70.80, which means only $2.95 per month. This is the absolute bargain, although the full money refund guarantee lasts only for seven days. 24/7 live chat and various other support types make the whole package of PureVPN subscription truly reliable.

Full compatibility and great performance improve things, even more, enabling VPN users to receive a quality solution!

IPVanish VPN – Frequently questions & details about this provider

Offering the only true tier-1 VPN service in the world, IPVanish VPN is based in the United States and takes pride in great speed. 180 servers in over 60 countries serve the needs of the customers, offering more than 25,000 IPs.

There is full compatibility, and the easy to use apps can be downloaded on the spot for your convenience. All protocol types are supported(PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN with 128 and 256-bit encryption), but there is a limitation allowing you to use OpenVPN on one device and other security protocol types on another one.

So, overall, you can use up to two simultaneous devices, and this can be a disadvantage. The monthly fee is $10.00, but there is a relatively greater bargain at $77.99 for a whole year. The full refund guarantee is only valid for a week, which is a downside.

Payment methods allow Bitcoin and PayPal for anonymous financial transactions, while there are various types of support (including live chat, not available 24/7 though). The performance of IPVanish VPN is exceptional, regardless of the OS or device used. With some improvements in the support and the features offered, IPVanish VPN is a solid VPN solution for all Internet users.

HideMyAss Pro VPN – Frequently questions & details about this provider

HideMyAss VPN is located in the United Kingdom, and this can be a major disadvantage in terms of privacy and anonymity, to begin with. Nevertheless, the VPN offers an impressive network of 870 servers in 320 locations in 200 countries. This provides exceptional flexibility, as far as the connectivity and speed of the connection are concerned.

Up to two simultaneous devices are allowed by HMA VPN, with all the security protocol types supported. PTPP 128-bit encryption is offered, as well as OpenVPN and L2TP 256-bit encryption. Three different plans are provided, according to the features that the users can benefit from. Best value is offered by the Smart-ass plan at $6.55 per month annually.

In addition, the period of full money refund guarantee stretches to a whole month; Bitcoins are accepted as a payment option, and this adds to the security enhancement, which is undermined by the location of the VPN and the logs kept. Support is reliable as well, with a lot of different alternatives in the hands of the users.

The performance of HMA VPN is overall satisfactory, and there is full compatibility for users to enjoy. Had it been located somewhere else, it would have been a solid solution!

Express VPN – Frequently questions & details about this provider

ExpressVPN is a VPN company from the British Virgin Islands, which means that it avoids any data retention law that could lead to a breach of privacy with logs being kept. It offers a reasonable (though not low) priced VPN subscription for a yearly commitment at $8.32 per month, with 30-day full money refund guarantee and versatile payment methods (including Bitcoin and PayPal that enhance anonymity).

No free trial is offered, though. It boasts full compatibility, and there are simple, easy to use software guides and downloads for all OS and devices. ExpressVPN supports all of the security protocol types (256-bit OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and SSTP).

Up to two simultaneous devices are permitted (unlike other VPNs that offer up to five devices used at a time), and servers are located in 97 cities and 78 countries, with a constantly growing network. Unlimited bandwidth and speed are offered, as well as infinite server switches for your best user experience. 99.9% uptime is guaranteed, while the support is knowledgeable and features live chat for instant feedback.

Despite its relatively high cost and the limitation to two devices with a single VPN subscription, ExpressVPN is a reliable solution allowing full anonymity and great encryption.

Cyberghost VPN – Frequently questions & details about this provider

CyberGhost VPN is a Romania based VPN company, offering more than 500 servers in 31 countries. With three different plans available (free, premium, and premium plus), all needs can be covered. Of course, the free plan is quite limited and includes ads, whereas the other two options provide a wide range of features.

At €6.66 per month for a whole year, you get the premium plus plan with a 30-day full money refund guarantee. This plan offers up to five simultaneous devices connected at a time, L2TP, PPTP and of course 256-bit OpenVPN security protocols supported. No logs are kept, which is a great bonus of being located in Romania.

PayPal and Bitcoin are accepted as payment methods, enabling users to pay electronically and avoid personal information from credit cards. One of the major aspects they should look further into is their support, which only includes live chat at Eastern office hours, a blog, and a confusing knowledgebase.

Other than that and besides the cost for the premium version that is not the lowest that we have encountered in the market, CyberGhost VPN is definitely moving towards the right direction and is likely to improve more in the near future.

Safer VPN – Frequently questions & details about this provider

Located in Israel, SaferVPN offers over 100 servers in the world. There are plans allowing one, three or up to seven different simultaneous devices, which can meet all the demands of the market. Infinite bandwidth is a great thing to consider, as well as the opportunity to switch from one server to another as many times as required. However, some users might be put off by the lack of P2P file-sharing policy. PPTP, L2TP / IPSec, and OpenVPN security protocol types are supported, while their privacy policy clearly states that no logs are kept.

As for the cost, it is not significantly low – rather average, with $10.99 per month for the yearly plan allowing you to enjoy up to three different devices. The free trial lasts a day, and a full money refund guarantee is valid for two weeks. Full compatibility and detailed guides are offered at SaferVPN, with everyone enjoying premium quality services and modern interface.

One downside is the lack of Bitcoin as a payment method, so anonymous paying is not an option here. Support is knowledgeable and features live chat, as well as a rich knowledgebase. Summing up, SaferVPN is a trustworthy VPN service provider with room for improvement.

Ironsocket VPN – Frequently questions & details about this provider

The Hong Kong-based VPN of IronSocket seeks to become a top competitor in the global market. With advanced encryption that is a military-grade (AES-256 RSA 2048bit encryption offered) and with HTTP and SOCKS 5 proxy log-ins, without any data retention law applicable and without any logs kept, this VPN subscription seems appealing and worth considering as an anonymous option. When it comes to the affordability, the yearly plan is offered at $49.95, and this is definitely pretty low.

Even the monthly fee is low, at $6.99, and this is perhaps why there is no free trial. The seven-day full money refund guarantee is not too much, but it offers the chance to get your money back if left dissatisfied.

Full compatibility ensures great user experience for everybody; what is more, the diverse payment options feature the use of Bitcoins, PayPal, and several gift cards that safeguard your right to anonymity. 24/7 support is offered but without live chat or phone. Still, a great knowledge base and submit ticket option can serve all demands.

The speed and performance of the VPN connection have always been superb when tested. This makes IronSocket a trustworthy solution for people interested in privacy and anonymity.

Earth VPN – Frequently questions & details about this provider

With its headquarters being in Northern Cyprus, EarthVPNoffers unlimited data transfer and bandwidth. PPTP / L2TP / SSTP and OpenVPN security protocol types provide exceptional flexibility to the VPN users, as well as full compatibility for every OS and device. 151 locations in 32 countries are where the servers of EarthVPN can be found. What has drawn our attention is the fact that you can fully customize the special features that you enable to your VPN subscription, at $1.99 each per month.

Among them, you can get SSH and port forwarding, along with a connection for mobile devices or 256-AES encryption. $39.99 is the total cost offered to the VPN subscribers for a whole year, which is exquisitely inexpensive.

No free trial is available, as you can imagine at such a low price, while there is a week of full money refund guarantee. Credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin, are superbly versatile payment options. As far as the support types are concerned, things are basic. There is no live chat and no phone available, with the FAQ section and the knowledge base being the sole alternatives provided.

Full compatibility is guaranteed, although the performance may fluctuate and there are certainly improvements to be made.

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