ShowBox APK: Whether it’s a TV show or film, it’s hard to catch up on the latest unless you have the time or the money to do that. There is an easier solution to your dilemma (of course there is always an easier solution). You can use several of the streaming and download application available online, most of which comes free of cost. Out of the several applications that we came across, ShowBox is potentially our best bet. And that is what has prompted us to create this site focusing on the app alone. You can get all the information you need about the app on our website but in this post, we are only going to talk about ShowBox APK along with how you can use it on your Android smartphone.


We really loved the application, so much so that we created an entire website on it. There is a lot to rave about when it comes to features of this streaming application, and before getting into the part where you get to download ShowBox, we thought it would be best to list out perks of using ShowBox app. Here, take a look below to know how you, like us, can install the app on the Android phone:

  • The application is free of cost and offers an excellent UI. It’s got a minimal look with excellent navigational opportunities.
  • There are 8 categories, and they cover just about everything that you need. The categories are – Trending, Movies, TV Shows, Trailers, Favorites, Download and New Releases. In the Favorite tab you should be able to see the shows and movies that you have bookmarked and beside the ‘New Releases,’ you should be able to see a number meaning the number of new TV shows or films that have been added to the app lately.
  • Another very useful feature that you will be able to see once you download ShowBox APKis this section called ‘News’. This is for anyone who wants to keep up-to-date with whatever major is happening in the entertainment world.
  • For best user experience, the streaming app offers several customizable features like you can choose whether you want to stream or download. You can choose between 320p, 480p, and 720p when streaming. There are options for subtitles, changing server and you can even choose to play it in anyone of your favorite media player installed on your phone.
  • One of the features that we personally liked is the ‘Favorite’ tab where you can bookmark the TV show that you like and want to be informed when more episodes are added. You should be able to see it in the ‘New Releases’ tab under ‘My’ section.

These and many more ShowBox features that have won the hearts of several people across the globe, and we are one of them. Enough said, let’s dig into how you can get your hands on the application.


  • Latest version:93
  • Size:28MB
  • Required OS:Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and up
  • Last updated:07.17

Notes on Update:

  • Fixed bugs in the video player
  • Fixed unavailability of subtitles


It’s worth clearing at the very beginning that ShowBox app is not available in Google Play Store, so you’ll have to download it from somewhere else. But you don’t have to go anywhere; we’ll be providing you with a link right below. Before we get into that, let me just tell you why you can’t get the app from your usual source – Play Store. The reason is that Google’s Private Policy does not allow free streaming or downloading film or TV shows. But of course, it’s not something to be worried about right now; here’s what you need to do in order to download ShowBox APK:

Step 1: You will need to get your handset prepared. Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Security’ -> then turn on ‘Unknown Source’.

Step 2: Now your handset is prepared for the application. Download the latest ‘ShowBox APK’ from the link that we have provided on this page.

Step 3: Now go to the Download folder or the APK folder where the APK file is stored. Go in there and tap on it. You’d be given instructions to install the app into your phone.

Step 4: It’s recommended that you restart the application. You should be able to see the icon on your handset. And now you can watch your favorite shows and films free of cost.


showbox alternatives

If you are tired of ShowBox or are not as impressed as we are with the app, you can try out some of the other applications like ShowBox providing similar service. We are going to name three of them, but we would still urge you to try out ShowBox before moving on to something else. Here are three best ShowBox alternatives:


We must say that if there is a perfect alternative to ShowBox, then it’s CinemaBox. It allows users to stream, download films, TV shows, and anime into your Android handset. It offers pretty much the same service, but the only catch is that it’s slow in updating for new releases and crashed once a while, which is very annoying, to say the least.


The app is for free video and music downloading. It’s not made for streaming. Although downloading is a good idea for an offline watching experience, but it will eat up a lot of space in your Android handset, so that’s that. Using SnapTube to can download video from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram among other websites. We have used SnapTube, and we can safely say that it’s easy, fast and small in size.


After using the application, we found it to be one of the easiest ways to download YouTube videos, so it isn’t exactly like ShowBox. Of course, you can’t get the latest TV shows and films on TubeMate, but it does support a handful of other video streaming sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo among others. Often one can find new releases on these websites, so that is something you can look out for. Or else you can stick to the ShowBox app.

Wrap Up

The reason we decided to create a website on ShowBox is the benefits that the application provides free of cost. Although there are several apps that we tried our hands on, this is the one that caught our attention. Now that you know how to download ShowBox APK, what are you waiting for? Go right ahead. And in case you face any problem, let us know in the comment section below.