Best Tips To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Hello everyone, today we will be discussing about some best tips to manage multiple instagram accounts on your android and iOS phone. Instagram is one of the best social network where users are in millions of number. They show their daily behavior and post of every types related to their daily lives.

It has started a craze among teenagers to use this on daily basis. The instagram owners are Facebook, Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger. It was started in 2010 and has achieved a great platform where nobody can surpass it. Due to it’s popularity it has broken all the records , where no other social platform exists.

The statistics taken in the year 2014 showed that this social network application is doing well and increases year by year then facebook thought of buying this and they acquired it. It was approximately 300 billions of users in the year 2014.

So, today our topic is how we can manage many accounts on Android phone and iOS. It is very cleared that you can use this application for free by downloading from google play store.

People are so much dedicated with social platform that they want to use this app with multiple accounts. But we that all the social apps provide us only one account. Many users want to use the app with another account then this facility is not there.

How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts?

There are many ways through which you can use multiple accounts and access it. Some third party apps are also there for which you need to follow some steps so that you can run it. You can also rooting methods and apply them to your phones and use it.

But I will not suggest you to use that, in fact I will be sharing two methods in which you can use it and enjoy your purpose.

So let’s get started…

Method 1:- Use of Official Application

I do believe that you all have instagram official app and have installed on your Android and other(if you use) devices. If you are not aware of this app you can download from google play store and read their manuals. So that you understand it better. If you want to be active on social platform then you should install it.

So these are the steps from which you can use and run multiple accounts of instagram:-

  1. First, Download the latest instagram app from here. After you have downloaded then make account and start using it.
  2. After you have opened your account Go to top right corner and click on 3 dots which will open menus option.
  3. This is the menu option and from there select settings.
  4. You will see lots of option there in settings and from there select Add Account.
  5. Select it and sign in with you log in details.
  6. Congrats! you are done with this method.


Now whenever you want to shift with another account on the same app then switch our accounts with other username and enjoy using it.

Method 2:- Using Third Party App

Now this method is more easier than the previous one. You may be thinking why I have just said this. Here we are gonna use third party apps in order to use and run multiple accounts. We will use this method on different operating systems i.e Android and iOS with third party apps. So see the steps below to understand the concept behind it.

First Method For Android Phone

Step:1 Download and install the instwogram. As you can see it is similar to instagram by it’s name. So functions are also same with slight changes. The application was developed by XDA developers. So you need to download it’s apk file from the community or you can download from this link.


Step:2 Once you have download this stuff you can proceed further with installing it on you android device.

Note:-Make sure that you enable Unknown Sources/Privacy from settings.

Hurray! This is how you are able to use an exact copy of an instagram .i.e Instwogram. Enjoy this app too with same features and settings.

Second Method For iOS

We know that iOS devices is very much secured from all sides. So, it is not possible to download a file from external files. So we will be downloading another app for it from iTunes store.

1.First Download and install fotogramme app.

2.Fill your credentials there or if you don’t have a make a new one.

3.You will find there is an option of account switching. From there you can use it and you don’t have to worry to install an official application for using it.

4.Enjoy the app with multiple accounts there.


This was a short tutorial about handling with instagram multiple accounts. I hope you get and you will surely gonna use it. In this way you can manage your different accounts and enjoy. For more you can use official method or any of these two. If you have any query related to content then you can share your views and raise your query there. I will be there to resolve your problems.

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